Sunday, April 24, 2011


My son went with his father today per the parenting plan and around 6pm my son's father called me while I was out to dinner with friends to yell at me, he said  *Our son told everyone at dinner that he doesnt want me or my wife to bathe him bc we're not aloud to touch his penis!!!!!!!* I instantly felt my heart shatter. To me this sounds like a cry for help. Like he said it so someone would make sure it didnt happen again. My son's father went on to yell at me, accusing me of telling my son to say things like that and that and now hes embarrased. This kills me, at this point I am barely listening to what my son's father is saying. Of course I didnt tell him that. I feel like he called me to make it seem as if I told our son to say it so his family would be able to blame me for my son saying it. Now I'm freaking out bc this is now the 3rd time my son has said something like this. My son's father would not let me get a word in, he just continued to accuse me of telling my son to say that, which is obviously not the case. He kept asking me why I would tell our son to say that. I would try to answer and explain to him that I have never told him to say anything like that and that we should meet to try to get down to the bottom of this but my sons father wouldnt listen. He was putting on a show for his family, yelling at me, calling me names, accusing me and not letting me speak at all as if he knew whatever I had to say was going to make it obvious hes lying. He even brought up the councelor saying that he thinks the councelor is a friend of!?! Now it seems hes trying to create an alibi for something the councelor hasnt even accused him of yet. At this point idk wtf to do bc If I call child protective services, they wont do anything. I've called them twice before and they did nothing. So I try to ask my sons father to meet up with me so we can discuss everything but ofcourse that is out of the question to him bc hes not genuinely concerend with seeing where this is coming from bc he already knows its him. I ended up calling the police to check on my sons welfare bc my sons father wouldnt even let me talk to him over the phone. It took forever! But the police finally got there, they said my son was clean and in good spirits. I'm going to call the councelor and my attorney tomorrow to see if anything can be done. I want to try to get another restrainig order but i doubt theyd grant it since I still have no proof other than what my son is saying. This is now his THIRD aliigation!!! How can people disregard this!?!?!?! How can ANYONE just brush this off!?!?!

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