Friday, April 22, 2011


My attorney was able to get a mediation scheduled to see if she can get the time sharing agreement changed. I'm excited because if we can get him to agree to less time that's more time I can make sure my son is safe. My son started to see a counselor and things are going well there. The counselor made me feel SO much better, she assured me that if something is going on she will definitely be able to tell regardless if his father tries to get him to lie. Our first appt with his father there was yesterday. The counselor was asking his father and I questions about our son and sadly his father couldn't answer most of them. She asked in which ways was our son special...I couldn't say enough, as I'm sure would be the same for any good parent. I went on and on about how my son is smart, very social...etc. She asked his father the same question, he didn't say one thing, just stayed quite! She asked to use a cartoon character to describe our son, I instantly knew which one I thought he was like and why....and again his father couldn't think of anything. Wow.
 I am hoping, praying and wishing that this mediation goes well even though its not likely we will agree on anything. This has taken its toll on our whole family and all we want is for things to be normal again. The sooner we can get past this the sooner my son can start moving on.

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